• Coming 17 April 2014

  • Coming 17 April 2014

  • Coming 17 April 2014

The Home of the Ons Huis

The Home of Ons Huis

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Ons Huis
Residential and Activity Centre for Mentally Disabled Adults

Ons Huis provides accomodation to 10 mentally handicapped persons and during the day we also have the activity centre for 24 mentally challenged persons.

The centre grew from where, in the beginning, we started with one house where they slept and work, till now with two separate buildings. Our stay-in house is now a real 'home' from where they can only walk down the street to the activity centre and back every afternoon.

For years we had one dream, and that was to expand and better the stay-in facilities, so that our handicapped people can have a better quality of life, because they are going to grow old here. We also want to accommodate and be of help to more persons.

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