Ons Huis Trust

Ons Huis Trust is a home for the mentally disabled, based in Pretoria.


Email: ask@onshuistrust.co.za
South Africa, Gauteng, Johannesburg
  • Ons Huis, 2014

This year our centre is 22 years old and Ons Huis provides accomodation to 15 mentally handicapped persons and during the day we also have the activity centre for 24 mentally challenged persons.

The centre grew from where, in the beginning, we started with one house where they slept and work, till now, where we have two separate buildings. Our accommodation is now a real 'home' where they only need to walk down the street to the activity centre and back every afternoon.

For years we had one dream, and that was to expand and better the accommodation so that our handicapped people can have a better quality of life, because they are going to grow old here.


The building project started during 2012 and was completed in 2014. We are so grateful for every supporter whom without it would not have been impossible!